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Adana has been a settlement for every civilization passing through this region, especially because of its geographical conditions. In every civilization living here, it has left behind its unique features, especially its architecture. Therefore, when you visit Adana, you can see different architectures in historical buildings. Ramazanoğlu Mansion, Çarşı Hamam, Irmak Hamam are some examples of different architectural structures.

The mosques in Adana are also very rich. Sabancı Central Mosque is the most visited mosque in Adana. Sabancı Merkez Mosque stands out with this feature even though it is new. Sabanci Central Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the Middle East with Ottoman architecture. Apart from the Sabancı Central Mosque, Adana Ulu Mosque is the most well known mosque. Some of the other mosques;

New Mosque
Fat Mosque
Alemdar Masjid
Masjid of Sheikh Zülfi
The Mosque of Kizildag Ramazanoglu
Hasan Aga Mosque (Hasan Aga Mosque, built without nails)
Adana has many churches besides mosques. Of these churches, 2 is the Armenian church, 2 is the Greek church, and 1 is the Latin church.

There are many parks and gardens, especially Central Park, which adds beauty to the beauty of Adana. These;

Atatürk Park
Süleyman Demirel Park
Inonu Botanical Park
Shepherd Park
Contact Yaşar Kemal directly
Çatalan Defense
Adana also has many tourist attractions. Some of them are as follows;

Taşköprü (Justinianus Roman Bridge)
Adana Archeology Museum
Adana Ethnography Museum
Adana Ataturk House Museum
Adana Cinema Museum
Bebekli Church (Italian Catholic Church)
Adana Bedesten
Big time
Historical Kazancılar Bazaar
Akkapi Sheikh Cemil Nardali Mansion
Around Adana
Çiftehan Hot Springs
Karatepe-Aslantas National Park
Aladaglar National Park
Yumurtalik Lagoon National Park
Akyayan Lake
Anavarza Ancient City and Anavarza Castle
Comona (Shar) Ancient City
Misis Ancient City (Mopsuestia)
Misis Mosaic Museum
Magarsus Ancient City
Akören Church and Ancient City
Muvattali Relief and Ancient City of Ceyhan-Sirkeli Mound
Kozan (Sis) Castle and Monastery
Magenta Caravansary
Acısu Thermal Springs and Haruniye Thermal Water
Akçatekir, Bürücek, Aladağlar, Horzum, Hazelnut, Hamidiye, Asar, Asmacik, Armutoluk, Belemedik, Alan, Camliyayla and Kizildag highlands
Ağyatan Bird Sanctuary and Tuzla Lake

Adana Rent a Car and Leasing


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