Car Rental Agreement

I declare that I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement on the reservation request form I have completed.
1. In this undertaking, SEN OTO Rent a Car will be referred to as F Company, and the real or private person renting the vehicle will be referred to as Ä KÄ ° RACIâ €..
2. In case of an accident, it is absolutely necessary to obtain a traffic report and an alcohol report. Otherwise, the RENTER is responsible for all costs incurred.
3. KIRACI is responsible for informing FIRMA before the car intervention in accidents and car breakdowns. damage and costs incurred after each kind of intervention shall be borne by the CREW.
4. All costs incurred by the use of alcoholic vehicles and the compensation for the rental of the rented vehicle are paid by KIRACI.
5. All costs incurred due to improper use and misuse of the rental vehicle belong to KIRACI.
6. In the event of an accident and as a result of this accident, all financial and non-pecuniary damages due to being insured, injured and material damage are excluded from the scope of insurance or the amount to be covered by the insurance. K sorum RACIâ € ™ s responsibility.
7. KIRACI is committed not to leave the key and license of the rented vehicle in the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen, all damages not covered by the insurance to be met shall be borne by KIRACI. In the event that the vehicle is operated, 45 undertakes to pay the legal waiting period of the day as a HOSPITAL.
8. Damage costs and all legal responsibilities of third parties, which are above the legal limit specified by the liability insurance, belong to the KIRACI.
9. Commitment 90 is delivered within the working day if no damage is found after the delivery of the vehicle.
10. Deposit or empty. Slips are returned after vehicle check. The deposit is not delivered when the vehicle is damaged or damaged, or in case of extension.
11. (LCF) Tire splitting, breakage of glass and headlight, jack, spare wheel or radio cd player breakdown or damage in case of damage to the CRITERIA â €.
12. The tenant is obliged to inform the COMPANY about the extension or delay request. Otherwise, undertakes to pay the rent loss.
13. All traffic fines and delays to be incurred during the rental period shall be paid to the Company even if it comes to the company.
14. The rented vehicle is obliged to pay the daily rental fee for each day that it is repaired due to the accidents that will occur while the customer is at the customer.
15. In case of disagreement, enforcement offices of Adana Courts are the authority.