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Adana Airport Rent a Car

About Airport Rent a Car It is an indisputable element that not everyone can easily have the cars in the big need category in the daily life, especially in recent days. As a result of this, Sen Oto Rent a Car car rental services since 2011 has been serving to you customers. Our company continues to renew itself with the customer satisfaction gained by trust and comfort. In this way, it will be inevitable to reach your loved ones in the most beautiful ways with our latest model vehicles. Airport Rent a Car Assurance Serving for years on behalf of a reliable service [...]

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Adana Car Rental Services

Motor rent a car in the scope of rent a car is now more preferred than before. With the vehicle options that appeal to everyone with the vehicles you want to capture the comfort you are inevitable thanks to auto rent a car. Vehicles that were previously rented only by long-distance passengers or for short-term business trips are no longer the case. Adana car rental services, which are a great convenience on behalf of everyone, are now indispensable on behalf of customers who are once accustomed to this comfort. Adana Car Rental Process Especially [...]

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Sen Oto Rent a Car

You Auto Rent a Car Car and all other vehicles that are similar to the car, are now in almost every area of ​​our lives. However, the high use of vehicles, unfortunately, did not lead to a drop in high prices. It is not possible for everyone to have vehicles available for sale at a high fee. You as a car rent a car in order to make it possible for you to offer our services. You will continue to save your day or week by rent a car in your car. Instead of paying great prices and owning your dream car [...]

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Safety precautions to be observed while driving

Before getting into the vehicle, first check the tire inflation. The tread depths of the tires must not be less than 3 millimeters. The front and rear seat belts must be firm. The direction indicators and headlamps must be intact for traffic safety reasons. The cleanliness of the vehicle's windows and lamps is also important for traffic safety. The view should not be made unsafe. Items stored in the vehicle may crash and cause personal injury in the event of an accident. Vehicles must always have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Heating and ventilation systems must be intact. The amount of glass water, oil and [...]



Airbag is a system that provides safety for the driver and passengers together with the seat belt which inflates with gas during the collision in cars. It swells from the 1 / 10 of seconds to prevent serious injuries. Industrial engineer John W. Hetrick falls into the ditch when he changes direction to avoid hitting a big stone in 1952 while traveling with his wife and daughter. They endeavor to ensure that their wife and daughter are not injured in this traffic accident. Here John W. Hetrick wins the airbag patent. At the time, many such accidents were called “steering accidents“. Sudden slowdown and [...]


Driving in Rainy Weather

Traffic safety decreases significantly in rainy weather. For safe traffic, such as outdoors, the following rules reduce the risk of accidents. 1-Sliding Against Risk of Aquaplaning Slowly: Increasing depth and vehicle speed of the pits that accumulate water increases the risk of accidents. Because if the speed of the vehicle is high as well as the depth of the pits that accumulate, the contact of the tires to the ground will be reduced. The tires slide into the turning position as they pass through puddles on the road. Sudden deceleration due to water depth due to sudden buildup of water in front of the tire and the driver may lose control. Puddles should be entered very slowly and [...]

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Car Rental Locations in Adana

You have the right to raise your living standards and to use prestigious vehicles. Car rental services in Adana and the surrounding area provides car rental services. Adana vip car rental privileges are also included in these services. Our vehicles you can supply from our company can be with or without a driver. Our vehicles with all the equipment you need in a vehicle will make you feel special. Look no further for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let us carry you on your own or to the places you want to reach your loved ones. Discover the modified models of the leading car brands with us. Vip will improve your driving experience [...]

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Discover Our Adana Car Rental Services!

Adana is one of the most popular cities of the Mediterranean Sea due to its geographical location. Especially with the arrival of hot summer months, Adana is home to many domestic and foreign tourists and is an important bridge in terms of transportation due to its proximity to airports. Especially Adana is developed in terms of historical and touristic cultural heritages, Mediterranean cuisine is home to many delicious dishes, many people's interest in Adana increases. For local and foreign tourists who come to Adana by air, Adana is a great way to explore Adana freely and enjoy [...]

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Why Choose a Car Rental?

Today, many people are turning to car rental system. Because without the need to deal with any paperwork or procedures, you are easily given the chance to choose from the latest models close to zero kilometers. You can choose your desired brand and model car under very reasonable prices with adana rent a car opportunity where you can get turnkey delivery. You can easily travel to different cities of the country with the option of renting a car during the rental period. Insurance, insurance; many different difficulties such as tax stamps or fenni examination adana [...]

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Is Car Rental Advantageous?

Today, the most preferred option in the transportation category is Adana rent a car option. This service has many advantages. Offering the opportunity to choose the vehicle you want, this sector gives you the opportunity to use the tools of your dreams. Super Adana car rental cars that do not feel the road fatigue in hot weather makes your holiday perfect. You can rent the car you want immediately You can reach the airport or the address you specify rental cars, as soon as possible. As soon as you get off the plane, you can reach the address you want with Adana rent a car as soon as possible. Adana car rental will use the vehicle [...]