Airbag is a system that provides safety for the driver and passengers together with the seat belt which inflates with gas during the collision in cars. It swells from the 1 / 10 of seconds to prevent serious injuries.

Industrial engineer John W. Hetrick falls into the ditch when he changes direction to avoid hitting a big stone in 1952 while traveling with his wife and daughter. They endeavor to ensure that their wife and daughter are not injured in this traffic accident. Here John W. Hetrick wins the airbag patent.

At the time, many such accidents were called “steering accidents“. Sudden deceleration and head crash. John W. Hetrick, while working to prevent these accidents, by placing an inflatable cloth in the torpedo sudden slowdown thought to ease the accident.

The airbag was first used in combat aircraft. The first studies for the discovery of car airbags were made in the 1950 years. The airbag type 1980 used today is presented to the car users with the Mercedes Benz W126 S-Class. The first passenger airbag was used by the Porsche brand.

Airbags used today work as follows;

The front of the car suddenly slows down when it gets hit hard. The electronic sensor, which detects a sudden deceleration, detects the car's speed change. The pulse is measured with the accelerometer. If the impact which requires deceleration system is activated, the airbag is activated. During normal braking, the airbag does not activate. The sensor-triggered airbag circuit flows through the heating element. The heating element ignites the chemical explosive. With this ignition the airbag system operates approximately 20 milliseconds after the accident. When the system is triggered, the explosive device burns and the nylon cushion stored behind the steering wheel is filled quickly and with large amounts of harmless gas. This is usually nitrogen or argon gas. As the triggered and ignited gas expands, the plastic cap on the steering wheel tears and swells quickly in front of the driver. Approximately after the accident 30-40 milliseconds, the airbag inflates completely. The airbags are covered with chalky material. In this way it works properly. In the event of an accident, the driver moves forward with a collision and hits the airbag quickly. The gas in the airbag is discharged through the small holes in the edge. The gas in the airbag is completely discharged until the car stops.

Seat belts are important as well as the vital importance of the airbag.

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